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Quality VS Quantity

Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

I am currently sitting here with nothing to blog. I have photos ready to post but I have to wait until the bloggers post them first. I have topics I want to write about but I don't want to rush it just to get a post up today. This is the first weekday of a new month. I've blogged every single weekday for the past eight months. I want to go a full year of blogging every weekday because I've come so far. The problem with that is every single post isn't the absolute best. There are filler posts just to have something up for that day. I wanted to write more this year to add more quality content on this blog but I just don't have the time to do that everyday. I am running into the problem of quality vs quantity. I don't want to post subpar material but I have a goal of posting something every weekday for a year. My options are:

  1. Stop posting everyday and only post when I have something worthy of posting.
  2. Stick with my editorial calendar and continue to post every weekday.
  3. Take more time to write and cut out the filler posts and still post everyday.

Blogging is a full time job. I am already a photographer which is my full time job and I am also creative director for a ecommerce store which is another full time job. How much can one person do in a day?! I have no answers here but I am going to have to find a balance of making my goal and posting the best content that I can.