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Quickies // Tips For Shooting A Fashion Blogger

Collage yanked from

Collage yanked from

I came across this video in my feed from photographer Jana Williams on tips for shooting a fashion blogger in natural light. As you may know, I shoot Shira for A Sequin Love Affair. Shooting a fashion blogger is not much different from shooting a model, but there are certain things to remember while shooting. The main different is there are wayyyy more detail shots than you would ever shoot while shooting a model. Jana mentions some things to look out for while shooting a look for an outfit post. 

Watching her shoot (even though it was definitely slowed down for explanations in the video) made me think about how I shoot. I think I overshoot (I'm sure Shira will disagree, to her I never shoot enough). I end a shoot with upwards of a 1000 photos when I'm sure 500 would suffice. I need to shoot with a purpose instead of firing away, but that is another blog post.