+/- February 2014

+ Started the month off being published in the February issue of Editorial.

+ I got to see my sister and nieces on Valentine's Day. They live in Virginia so I haven't seen them in a long time.


+/- I had a good time running around the city during New York Fashion Week (check out my vlog here). I went to some parties and hung out with friends but being sick and the weather sucking royally but a damper on everything.


+ I shot the Selahdor Fall/Winter lookbook. Can't wait for the images to come out!

- I went to the gym only three times this month because I got MAJORILY sick at the very beginning of the month and then it was NYFW time so by the time I got settled back into real life again, it was the 24th of the month and I finally got back to the gym.

- I felt like I spent the whole month trying to catch up because I have been sick for so long. Happy to have February over.