+/- January 2014

I'm taking a page from my friend Angie and doing a pluses and minuses of each month.

+ Finally went to see the Bergdorf Goodman holiday display.


+ I saw Her with the boyfriend. That movie is pretty much perfect. Easily a new favorite. When it ended, Ben and I both agreed that we could have sat there for another hour.

+ I finished reading the first three books of the Fables series. I stopped because I'm me and I get easily distracted but I ended up finishing the first book plus reading the next two all on the same day.


+ I ate a lot of good food thanks to Providence Restaurant Week. I hung out with friends and ate at restaurants that are usually out of my budget. I also had Korean BBQ for the first time. I see why people are obsessed with it.


+ I got to stay at the new Dean Hotel in downtown Providence. My friends Jay and Ed came to visit from New York and kindly let me and my girls Andrea and Sabrina and myself stay in one of the rooms.

001 My Goodness.jpg

+ Found some new bands to listen to. If you like The Black Keys, listen to My Goodness. If you like The White Stripes, listen to The Pack A.D. Also they just came out with a new album!


+ Took my boyfriend to his first fashion show. Don't let the face full you. I think he liked it.

+ I joined a gym, just like everyone else in the world.

- I was sick for most of the month starting on the 1st.

- The month started off with a lot of cancelations because of weather and illness. I was thinking this was going to be the year of the canceled shoot.

- I kind of failed in blogging more. I found myself very distracted his month. I'm trying to get things back together and get more organized.