+/- May 2014

Well it's been an interesting month to say the least. Life changes. Busy schedule. Back and forth from New York and Rhode Island. It has been hectic. Let's get into it.

+ It's been the month of the fashion blogger. I've taken photos of some beautiful ladies with some great style for their blogs. Some familiar faces like Shira and Rachel but some new ladies as well!. I've met Emma, Hortencia, and Melanie this month and we all had some short shoots for their blogs. Can't wait to work with these beauties again!

+ Speaking of ladies, it's been the month of the girl gangs as well. I have some amazing lady friends in my life and I wouldn't have been able to get through this month without them. From drinking Rosé on rooftops in Brooklyn to FaceTime sessions with my best friend in France, they've all put a smile on my face.

+ I also photographed a fashion/lifestyle shoot for the Lady Project Summer Guide (coming out soon) with a group of active ladies who do yoga, crossfit, running, cycling, and surfing!

+ I listened to the Lean In audiobook on my way to New York one day and it pretty much changed my life. I also just ordered #GIRLBOSS and it's coming tomorrow and I can't wait to read it!

+ I shot the wedding of the cutest, geekiest couple ever and they fill my heart with so much love. I adore them so much. They give me hope. I also I had two second shooters and they recently got engaged so congrats to these lovebirds!


- Too. Many. Hospital. Visits. For me and for a friend and they all happened since Monday the 26th. Hopefully we reached the end of these visits.

- Disappointments. Losing people close and important to you is tough but sometimes it's for the best that it happens. Just gotta learn from the experience and move on.