Tip Tuesday // 10 Fashion Blogging Dos and Don'ts

After shooting fashion bloggers for a year and a half, I have a few tips for people who want to start their own fashion blog. Here are ten dos and don'ts for fashion blogging.

Do it because you want to // If you think you have great style, share it! Don't think you have to look a certain way or be a certain size. If you love your look and rock it with confidence, others will love it too.

Don’t do it for the money // If you start a blog for the money or free clothing, I have a hard reality for you. You most likely won't get it. Definitely not in the beginning. It could take years of hard work to get recognized and maybe then the pay will come.

Do you boo boo // Always remember to be yourself. Your following is there for you. They want to hear your voice and see your style. Show it off!

Don’t try to be someone else // If your outfits look just like the top fashion bloggers, people will see right through that. You can't mold yourself after others. It's just not genuine.

Don’t be afraid to share insight into your life // You are more than your outfits. Yes it is a fashion blog but it's just a fraction of what makes you you! Share more of your life. Be as personal as you are comfortable doing. Your following will appreciate it.

Do have high quality images // No one wants to look at badly lit, out of focus photos that look like they were taken on a flip phone. Invest in a professional photographer or a quality camera of your own.

Do understand you will have to invest money in your blog // You will most likely have to hire a photographer, hire a graphic designer, and/ or buy clothing for your blog. It's just a fact. Understand that if you want to commit to this and make your blog a real thing, you gotta spend some cash.

Don't spend money you do not have // On the other hand, don't sign up for credit cards and go on shopping sprees. Be realistic about your money. If you can't afford having the blog that envision having, maybe this isn't the right time to start one. Wait until your are financially ready.

Don't think you have to live in metropolitan area to blog // There are people all over the world who want to dress well. I actually believe that you may be better off not living in a major city because you have the whole market in your area to yourself! A girl in Kansas may not want to follow just New York fashion bloggers. She would rather see someone who lives in a area like her. 

Do have fun! // Fashion is fun. Wear what makes you happy. Your readers will see how genuine you are and that is what will build your following.