8mm Vintage Camera | iPhone video app review

Just a few hours ago Shawn asked if I've heard of the iPhone app that makes video looks like it came from a 8mm film camera. Once I got home from work I downloaded it and immediately made a first impressions video review. Excuse my tired face. It was a long day of nothingness at work.

After watching it I noticed the the audio doesn't match up with the mouth, like the bad dubbing in old kung fu movies. I noted the warning that low memory could cause unsmooth recording but I killed all the apps running in the background and I restarted my phone yet the movement of the mouth and the sound was still out of sync. I think it could be really annoying for vlogs. This app would be much better suited for filming scenery than people. Also don't watch the video in anything larger than 640x480. The quality isn't very good. When uploaded to YouTube, the highest quality available is 320p. This app does not record HD footage.

Here are some screencaps of the interface.

Even though there are some downsides to this app (out of sync audio and no HD recording), I think for $1.99 this is a great buy if you have an iPhone with video recording capabilities. You can click here to buy the app in iTunes. It's made from Nexvio, the same people who brought you the ReelDirector app, which I have reviewed before. You can read that review here.