9 Books You Should Read To Better Your Business And Your Life

I love a good book that will improve some part of me, be it business or self-improvement. I recently started going back to the library because why not support your local library and save money in the process. So let's get into it.

#AskGaryVee // Gary Vaynerchuk

I've been on the GaryVee train for a good seven years now. This book is a collection of questions from his #AskGaryvee video series on his YouTube channel. I really recommend listening to the audiobook because he is so captivating to listen to and his answers tend to be different to what is in the physical book.

Trust Me, I'm Lying // Ryan Holiday

If you really want to hate the media even more than you probably already do, then read this book. It confirms the lies that run rampant through the news and blogs site. This may be a weird book to add to this list but it actually gave me permission to stop caring and just do my own thing and trust my own instincts.

Big Magic // Elizabeth Gilbert

My biggest takeaway from this book is "use it before you lose it". Ideas don't stay with you forever and they may leave you for a better home. Trust me, it's happened to me.

The Obstacle Is the Way & Ego Is The Enemy // Ryan Holiday

These two books are together because author Ryan Holiday went through a lot between publishing Trust Me, I'm Lying and The Obstacle Is the Way. You can tell how cocky he was through Trust Me, I'm Lying but he got knocked down to rock bottom and had to completely start over. These two books share what he's learned. 

You Are A Badass // Jen Sincero

Think of Jen as your really cool aunt who wants you to run away and do everything that makes you happy while your parents are telling you to stay home and go the safe route. She knows it's easy to give up and do what is safe but she wants you to remember that you are tough and capable and can accomplish all of your goals.

The Gifts Of Imperfection & Rising Strong // Brene Brown

These two books are together because Brene has written a trilogy of shame, and more importantly how to not be ruled by shame. I haven't read Daring Greatly, number two in this trilogy, but I plan on it because Brene has opened me up to a whole new way of thinking.

How to Live a Good Life // Jonathan Fields

I'm actually halfway through this book but I love the simple ways Jonathan thinks we can make our lives so much better.

Check out some other books I recommend reading to better yourself.