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Hakan Akkaya // NYFW FW2017

A lot of the time, I don't know what I will see when I sit down for a show. When the Hakan Akkaya show started, I tried to not hyperventilate/ cry hysterically. It was everything I love. Reformed goth, athleisure, and all black everything. It was a perfect show. So glad I got to witness it from the first row!

NYFW Fall/Winter 2017

Last week started my ninth season of NYFW. I had the pleasure of attending a few shows before I got bronchitis (story of my life). Enjoy some of my favorite photos from most of the shows I went to. Some I didn’t feel like photographing and I just enjoyed the experience. Also be on the lookout next week for a post dedicated to my favorite show I went to!

Hayley Elsaesser

Dan Liu


Leanne Marshall

Larimar Bliss

If you know anything about me, you know I love my crystals. So when Larimar Bliss asked if I wanted to pick out a piece from their collection, I was all for it. I don't own many bracelets so I chose the Gridden Stone cuff. After doing more research on the crystal, I wish I got a necklace because Larimar is an active throat chakra crystal. More on that later. First some information on this stone. According to Wikipedia, "Larimar, also called 'Stefilia's Stone', is a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic, in the  . Its coloration varies from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue." 

Larimar promotes relaxation, calms emotions, and is fantastic for alleviating fevers, infections, and inflammation. Again it's a throat chakra crystal so it aids in clearing the way for open communication and speaking from the heart.

I'm currently in New York for fashion week so that means I'm wearing a lot of all black everything so this piece is a great addition to my outfits. Definitely check out Larimar Bliss for more beautiful pieces featuring such a powerful stone.

Review // Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

I was on the train going from Providence to Boston when I placed a random order with Colourpop. I just finished reading the article comparing the Kylie Lip Kits with Colourpop. It says essentially they are the same product and way, way cheaper so I went ahead and checked out their website. The only product I had from them was their Creature Lippie Stix from their collaboration with Feral Creature. I didn't have the lip liner since someone else gave it to me so I wasn't the biggest fan. It didn't stay on at all.

That leads me into the review. Oh my goodness, buy the matching lip liner. For. Sure. You need it. And before the lip liner even has the cap off you need to moisturize the hell out of your lips. A few swipes of chapstick isn't enough. After I tried out Guess with matching liner, Nevermind, it felt like I had to keep reapplying. It cracked a bit so I was nervous on what state it would be when I got to where I was going. Finally I felt confident enough leaving the house and walking to my friend's store up the street. It lasted pretty well but my lips felt pretty dry and I didn't like how much I had to reapply.

 Wearing Guess ultra matte lip and Nevermind lip liner

Wearing Guess ultra matte lip and Nevermind lip liner

I didn't have much to do that Saturday before I went out so I then tried on Dr. M without lip liner to see how it applies without. Big, huge, colossal mistake. It went everywhere and I felt like it was going to stain my skin. Cracked all over the place. I then realized the lip liners aren't just some ploy to get you to buy more, you need it if you want this stuff to stay on your face. I then took it off and exfoliated my lips with a natural face scrub. That's when things got good.

  Wearing Dr. M ultra matte lip and Wet lip liner

Wearing Dr. M ultra matte lip and Wet lip liner

That night I was going out for my friend's birthday party so decided on wearing the more wearable color, Rooch, from the Karrueche collection. With the exfoliation and moisturizing with regular basic chapstick, it stayed on all night (with matching lip liner of course). I was really pleased with how it stayed on and felt. Much more comfortable than the first two tries. It lasted through of night of sipping on drinks. Hours later when I got home aside from a bit of loss on the inner part of the lip, it was pretty much still perfect.

 Wearing Rooch ultra matte lip and Rooch lip liner

Wearing Rooch ultra matte lip and Rooch lip liner


  • Really, really cheap. Compare to Kylie Lip Kits at $29 and an ultra matte lip and lip liner is $11 total.
  • With proper pre-love to your lips before application, it will stay on for hours. Believe me when I tell you lip products do not stay on me at all. I was blown away that it stayed on all night.
  • They have all the colors in the world.


  • You have to buy their lip liner. I really don't think that is much of a con since you would need to use a lip liner anyway for a liquid lipstick (please refer back to my mistake with Dr. M).
  • They can feel very drying. Again, moisturize the crap out of your lips.
  • The caps on the lip liners can't stay on worth a damn. I got red lip liner on a brand new light coloured wallet I got that same day I bought it. Major bummer. Also it took me way too long to figure out how to get more product out of it. It looks plastic and hence not sharpenable (is that a word?) but after looking up reviews, you can sharpen it.

I also bought a brow pencil in Black N’ Brown and a creme gel eyeliner in Swerve. I like both of those products as well. From what you can see in my order details below for the price of one and a quarter Kylie Lip Kits I got eight products ($5 off for signing up to be on their email list and free shipping). Not a bad thing if I have to say so. Now I haven't tried the Kylie Lip Kits but my friend Tezz did so check out her review here. Have you tried either Colourpop or Kylie Lip Kits? Do you have a favorite? Should I try to get a Lip Kit?

Sunglasses from Calico and necklace from Above Below Jewelry.