Behind the Scenes // PLNDR & Karmaloop Denim Look Book Shoot

Last Saturday, Shawn and I had the chance to help out on a look book shoot for PLNDR, a flash sale website created by Karmaloop. I met the woman running the whole thing, Heather, a few days beforehand and asked if there were a few more people needed on the shoot. She said yes we offered to drive. Now at first I thought that the shoot was in Boston since that's where her office is but actually it was in New York. Not only that but we would be needing to bring four other people. Six people in Shawn's Kia Rio5? That made me nervous but there was no way I was missing this shoot. Thankfully two cars were going to New York and we would only have to drive everyone back on the way home.

The photographer Nick flew in from Shanghai the night before so even though he was wicked jet lagged he did an amazing job on the shoot. There were two stylists on the shoot, Cassandra and John. I know and love Cassandra because of doing our first Trunk Show video on her. Once we got there and saw how much clothing needed to be upacked and checked in, I became the styling assistant. It was cool being there and doing something other than photography. It is important to see how all aspects of a production works and understand it so you can appreciate those individuals even more.

It was a denim look book so there were jeans, jackets, button ups, t-shirts, and a TON of footwear all laid out, ready to be styled. There were seven male models for the shoot, all bloggers and editors of magazines. The men were:

I (along with Shawn and everyone else with an iPhone) on the shoot Instagramed throughout the entire shoot. Also there were two different behind the scnes videos being filmed while we were there so when they are released I'll be sure to share them here!

They shot in the studio along with outside on the street so to protect the shoes we had to tape the bottom of the shoes to protect them. It was not fun pulling the tape off.

The KarmaloopTV office is so much fun. There were bikes and a ping pong table and masks all over the place. Ryan and Shawn had some fun with the masks.

Shawn with Jermaine, the editor of Vibe. I cant.

The best onesie. Ever.

Finally it was time to wrap up the photo shoot and head home, stopping for dinner at Rogue first. I was so glad that we got to participate on this shoot and I can't wait to work on more!