Brand Voice Values

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I was going through my Bloglovin' feed (feel free to follow me here) and I came across this post by art director and graphic designer Breanna Rose (whose blog I love). She wrote about finding her "brand voice values" through Abby Kerr and The Voice Bureau. Abby Kerr owns a branding agency helping small business find and build an online presence. I love everything about branding so I was all about this. She has a complementary assessment you find your own brand voice values. The voices are security, intimacy, innovation, audacity, legacy, helpfulness, clarity, transparency, excellence, accuracy, playfulness, power, enthusiasm, love, community, and depth. Once you take the assessment and add up your score, you see what your brand voice values are. Mine are pretty accurate.

My top scoring three all coming in at 12 points are playfulness, power, and community and next up at 11 points are enthusiasm and love. I want to make people comfortable while bringing them happiness (playfulness) and making them feel important (power). I love working in teams and helping people connect along the way (community). I am passionate about my job and being able to be creative (enthusiasm) while being able to help people feel special with my photography (love). She also explains how these values can work for your business and also what to watch out for.

I definitely recommend taking the assessment. I mean it's free. Can't beat that. To do it, put in your email in the upper right hand corner of the page and you will receive an email on what to do next. Also, I am in no way affiliated with Abby Kerr. I think that is obvious but I wanted to throw that out there.