Current Observations

I just came across this post over on Breanna Rose's blog about a post she saw over at Veda House (both great blogs, check them out). I'm trying to be more present lately. I worry too much about the future and I think too much about the past. Here is an exercise to stay in the moment and find some joy in the little things.

MAKING plans for future trips to New York.
COOKING nothing. I ordered chinese food.
DRINKING a bottle of Hint water I received in my goodie bag from the Lady Project Summit.
READING my blog list on Bloglovin.
WANTING to take a nap.
LOOKING at my dog freak out next me while I type this.
PLAYING YouTube videos on my TV.
WASTING time, but that's ok. It happens.
SEWING nothing. I need to fix this hole in the sweater I'm wearing though.
WISHING it was warmer outside.
ENJOYING a bit of silence here and there.
WAITING for summer.
LIKING when I get a project done.
WONDERING if I will book anymore weddings this year.

LOVING my collection of notebooks.
HOPING to have a good weekend.
MARVELING at how small this world really is. (This was Breanna's answer but I think about it everyday so I'll piggyback on it.)
NEEDING a hug from my boyfriend (just got one).
SMELLING AirWick air freshener.
WEARING a French Connection cardigan, a Sriracha t-shirt, and jeggings.
FOLLOWING what I think is right, and listening to myself more.
NOTICING how much time I waste online.
KNOWING that things will be ok.
THINKING eating the rest of my chinese food.
BOOKMARKING blog posts on
OPENING the fridge. I'm hungry.
GIGGLING at nothing currently.
FEELING ok. I'm doing alright.