Day In The Life // Artist, Rebecca Volynsky

This week I am featuring my friend Rebecca Volynsky. She's a doodler, educator, arts advocate, and an all around fantastic woman.

  All photos provided by  Rebecca Volynsky

All photos provided by Rebecca Volynsky

How do you start off your day? I woke up wicked early, did some morning stretches, and then ran out the door. Mondays and Wednesdays are really long days, I work from 8 - 4, and mentor from 5 - 7. I usually swing by Seven Stars Bakery on Hope Street and treat myself to a pastry (almost everyday ... can I live?) in the morning but I was running late to catch the bus.

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What was your big project for the day? I just started working full-time again as the Executive & Fund Development Associate at Providence ¬°CityArts! for Youth. We're getting the ball rolling on our annual fundraising event, The ¬°CityArts! MOD PARTY. There's quite a bit to get done, so I'm juggling a multitude of big projects and ideas. I've done a lot of work in community arts education over the years, but I don't think I have truly felt THIS passionate about a project before. My work here has allowed me to fully realize my leadership and project management skills. I'm really fired up about it! I'm giving it everything I've got.

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Was there anything big you accomplished? Everything is in action mode right now. There are a lot of deadlines coming up for the event! I would say that being able to stay focused on my work and keep a balance during the day is an accomplishment. Three years ago, I would never have been able to manage this scale of work. I've been reflecting on this a lot lately, and I'm truly thankful for the opportunities I've received to seek out my full potential. This motivates me to work harder and do my best.

Did you do anything fun? I love working on the administrative side of things at art organizations AND mentoring/teaching art. Having a chance to do both is really important to me. Mondays and Wednesdays can feel a bit crazy, but at the end of the day - I love having a full table of folks working with me on art projects. Doing that today was very chill and allowed me to get in the art making zone.