Day In The Life // Entrepreneur, Jay Davani

Today's Day In The Life features my friend and one of the most stylist women I know, Jay Davani

How do you start off your day?

Typically on the weekends I get up + head to Seven Stars across the street from my apartment. I can’t function without coffee. Literally. Please don’t even look at me. Thanks.

I’ve lived across the street from this bakery for over a year + frequent it quite often. Just this week I realized it was a French café. I went to Paris last week + when I returned to the bakery I was shocked to realize that I had been so distracted to even notice. I pretty much always get a coffee + yogurt-- both topped off with local honey… a treat I learned in my tour of Turkey last December. 

I’m pretty sure… I’m a honey addict. Not sorry about it either. 

What was your big project for the day?

Today’s project involved styling a photo-shoot, on behalf of my brand M I N T, ( for MRT Jewelers who have been making Providence bling since 1918. I worked with an entire team including the owner, a hair stylist, makeup artist + a photographer to capture a new line of jewelry MRT is launching this year.  I had already selected the clothing for this shoot so today was about prepping the outfits,  pairing them with the jewelry + prepping the model for each shot.  I served as a consultant for makeup + hair styling as well. A total of 5 outfits + 5 hours later it was a wrap!  

Was there anything big you accomplished?

I helped launch a jewelry line, forged a business relationship, worked with a team of talented professionals who looked to me for advice + didn’t miss a styling beat. 

I did work that didn’t feel like work. The client was ecstatic + I was proud of myself.
+ that feels pretty. damn. good.  

Did you face any challenges today?

I face a ton of challenges on the regular. On this particular day my biggest challenge was coming off the high of an extremely productive morning to finding myself with some time to kill in the afternoon. I always need to fill my time + that isn’t difficult since there are a billion things on my endless to do list. However, I tend to burn the candle at both ends because the loneliness in down time can be palpable. So I had to force myself to grab a snack + sit down… alone. Even though I hated every single minute of that hour… + well I have to be hones. I posted to social media (ootd), checked email + texted in that hour. Clearly I faced the challenge + that betch won.

Did you do anything fun?

I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant Loie Fuller’s with a lovely human being.  We sat inside this stunning French restaurant which has walls covered in hand painted glowing murals + has ornate mosaic floors covered in tiles shipped from Europe… which you almost feel bad walking on because they are so lovely. It actually takes my breath away every time I step inside. Every. Time. 

We spent almost 3 hours talking about life, travel, work, school + the pursuit of love. We spoke mostly about the difficulty of finding true authentic relationships… when at times people are more interested in latching on to your success than finding out who you really are.  So much to say-- we ended up closing the restaurant down. I’m still haunted by our conversation. 
Days like this make me feel alive + I guess you can call today my kinda fun.