Everyday Carry // What I Brought To NYFW

(Excuse the iPhone photos)

When you're running around during New York Fashion Week, it is essential to make sure you have everything you need on you at all times. There isn't really time to run back to your apartment or hotel room. I dislike carrying around a backpack so I picked up this studded crossbody purse from TJ Maxx. 

Essentials you will need: Camera (obviously), all the memory cards (many more were brought and not photographed), iPhone, iPad, respective chargers, moleskine planner, wallet, headphones, hand lotion and chapstick because this cold weather is no joke, MetroCard, and all the cough drops and medicine because you will get sick.

Not pictured items you may consider carrying: a portable charger (I have one and it is a lifesaver), energy bars and water (more lifesavers), and a flask because the stress of running around and then going to parties where they're charging $9 a beer will drive you to drink.