Five Blogs I'm Loving Right Now // 3

Here is my latest installment on five blogs I'm loving right now. Also feel free to follow my blog over on Bloglovin. You can check out my last posts here and here.

I love Wide Eyed Legless because it speaks to my inner minimalist. The photos are so white and bright and I love her aesthetic. 

Alexi Wasser of I'm Boy Crazy keeps it real at all times. If you want to read a witty girl's take on dating, check out her blog. Her feature The Blind Leading The Blind is one of my most favorite reads of all time. Warning: this blog is very NSFW.

An ode to the Kentile Floors sign.   Door Sixteen.png

Door Sixteen is a mix of home renovation, book design, and Morrissey. That pretty much sums it up. But seriously, I love her photography and seeing the progression of her two homes.


I heart Christina of Profresh Style so much. She is so funny and goofy and has amazing style. If I had enough balls I could have met her when I saw her during my first New York Fashion Week but I froze when I saw her. Let this be a lesson to you. Always say hi! 

30 Before 30   Getting In Shape. — ℓa Fin Du Gℓobe.png

Last up is my friend Angie's blog La Fin Du Globe. She loves The Picture of Dorian Gray and named her new kitten Dorian. Angie and I go way back to Livejournal days but we've since grown up and moved on to Squarespace.