Gear Works // Litely iPhone App Review

Litely wants to replace VSCO Cam. Straight to the point, that won't be happening for me. I think Litely is more like Afterlight which is another very popular app but one I do not use. I am a VSCO Cam girl through and through but I wanted to check out Litely since it was featured in the Apple app store.

After checking out Litely's website, I see they make desktop presets for Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, and Camera Raw. I thought they were just another iPhone app. What I do like is the desktop presets are the same as the presets in the iPhone app. That is different from VSCO Cam. The presets on the app are different from the desktop presets so if you are a VSCO Film user and have your favorite presets, you do not have it's equivalent in the iPhone app.

It's pretty straightforward on how to use this app. You can take photos or add them from your library though the app. Then all you do is click on a photo and choose your preset. My problem is the free presets are pretty lame. They're not that fantastic. Nothing blows me away. The free presets in VSCO Cam have enough variety that you can get by without buying any other presets available in the store.

Photo Jun 12, 10 16 05 AM.png

You don't have many options for editing the photos besides the basic crop, exposure, sharden, vibrance, and vignette. In VSCO Cam you can get much more in depth with editing.

Photo Jun 12, 10 36 42 AM.png

All in all, I will most likely not use this app again. VSCO Cam does it all for me and Litely doesn't bring anything new to the table.