Gear Works // Making Digital Photos Look Like Film Without Using Photoshop

Yesterday I was looking for a stack of filters I had lying around to see if I had any colored filters. As I was trying some of them out, I picked up the whole stack and put them on the lens. The result was a soft, film like effect. It looks similar to what one would get with shooting with a Lomo camera.

Info: 28mm lens // 14 random filters stacked // ISO 400 // external flash between 1/2 and 1/4 power

The filters

Just like Lomo cameras, the result can be somewhat unpredicatble. It was hard for the camera to focus since I was shooting in a fairly dark bar.

Sometimes no matter what setting I put the flash on, the photos came out either way too bright or too dark. It was hard finding that happy medium.

Since I used my 28mm lens it gave a heavy vignette reminiscent of old film cameras.

This is a really cool effect and I can't wait to try it out on a photo shoot with a model. It's a super quick and easy way of getting the vintage look for a photos without doing a million different things in photoshop.