Gear Works // Put A Bag On It

I am a recent convert to the ways of Pinterest. I've had my account since they first opened it up for beta users, but I never liked it. Last night in a bit of boredom I logged in, and I wish I could tell you what happened. All I know is that six hours later (I was lying in bed pinning on my phone at 4:30 in the morning), I was hooked.

Anyway, that's a whole other issue. The point is I found a cool little trick to use when you want to get a dreamy effect in your photographs. All you do is rip a hole at the closed end of a sandwich bag, draw on the edge with some colored markers if you're so inclined, and slide on to the end of your lens. That's it! Make sure that you can see the bag in the viewfinder but don't let it cover the middle of the frame. I went outside to try it out. I'm going to try this out when I shoot a model on my next photo shoot. Click here to see the original article.