Jeff Bujak @ The Spot Underground

I've heard lots about this Jeff Bujak guy. "He puts on an amazing show", "His music is incredible", "It's one of the best live shows you'll see" were just a few of things I've heard. So when I didn't go to his last show at The Spot Underground I then heard "Why weren't you there?", "What's wrong with you?", and had people looking at me like I was dumb. Of course I have to make a point of going next time he came. Last night was that time and I must agree that it was great show and Jeff Bujak (who I got to meet briefly afterward) is a sweetheart.

I chose to mostly shoot with no flash at all and just use the light from the stage show. I compensated for the lack of light with adjusting the ISO (I used between ISO 400-1600, mostly 400 though). I did pull out the wireless flash at one point but I didn't like what it was doing to the colors. Sometimes it's best to just work with what you have and see what happens.

There are still more photos check out the on Flickr or on my Facebook fan page!

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