Link Roundup // August 2nd, 2011

Photo by Myke Yeager Photography

This is such a cute idea! Give a surprise ball as a gift.


Clients From Hell gets me really worked up after reading a few pages. I've had some conversations with clients that definitely belong on this website.

Client: The website looks great, but I think we need more images of children. Do you have a database of images of children that we could take from…?

A second e-mail arrives a few moments later. 

Client: I just realized what I was asking. Please ignore and delete all my e-mails with the subject line “Need photos of children.”


Client: Well… we just want the logo to be less corn-related. Can you just make it less corn-like? 

Me: I’m sorry? I was under the impression was that this was exactly what you were looking for.

Client: No, no, it is. It is! But we discussed it and we think people would probably be bored by the whole corn part. So let’s make it less corn-related.

Me: I must not be understanding. The product you’re trying to sell is still corn, right?

Client: Yes. But try not to draw to much attention to that.


"HELP! I can’t send or receive email."

— Sent via email.


Zoetica Ebb's Kickstarter page for D4RT is up! Donate if you can to help her start an art program in Yantaló, Peru.


I found these on Tumblr and found these amusing. I am on a huge Harry Potter kick.



Wait, You Don’t Listen to Barry White While Applying for Jobs?


New Celebrity Sandwiches

The Charlie Sheen: Pudding and macaroni salad served in a banana skin.  This sandwich obviously has some serious problems, but no one will address them.  Everyone will just laugh that it’s still on the menu.

The Mark Zuckerberg: Pastrami on a stack of pictures of you from the last nine years.  Developed at a deli co-owned by his best friend, who is no longer an owner of that deli.  Mark does not want to talk about it.


Why don't you try to do something different for the next 30 days. It could change your life.