Link Roundup // Five Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

I've been keeping up with my blogs with the Flipboard app on my iPad . It's such an easy way of reading all the blogs I follow as well as finding new ones to obsess over. Here are five blogs I am loving right now.

I believe I found Promise Tangeman's blog through Nubby Twiglet's Link Love. I love reading blogs from women is the creative field that focuses not just on work but on their personal lives and style. She also has great articles with advice for working as a freelancer.

I'm obsessed with the style of the Monoxious ladies. They are constantly traveling the world (for what I still don't know) and they have fantastic style posts from all over. I personally love that every outfit is in all black. I love an all black outfit.

Park and Cube is a great photo blog with beautiful photos of fashion, travel, and food. I actually don't even bother reading the text because they photos are so amazing, that's all I care about!

I am obsessed with Sandra's style. I don't even know how I found 5 Inch and Up but I have been hooked ever since. She has the most amazing personal style and I would die to have a wardrobe just like hers.

I've linked from A Beautiful Mess countless times in my Link Roundups. This blog is so cute! Elsie and Emma have the cutest DIYs, food, and photography posts. They make me want to get crafty and make some cute little things for my home.