Link Roundup // Five Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

It was a year and a half ago the last time I featured five blogs I'm into currently. You can check out that post here. Also feel free to follow my blog over on Bloglovin.

First up we have I'm Breanna Rose. She is an art director and graphic designer in Minneapolis. The thing I love most about her blog are her artist creative diaries. She interviews other creatives to see what a day in their lives are like. Also her series on freelancing is something I always read.


This blog is called Come Over To The Dark Side We Have Candy, which wins best blog name ever. That alone makes me love it but I love Cindy's style. Those girls from the Netherlands always look amazing.

Angelica Blick   Mode.png

I could say the same about the ladies in Sweden. Angelica Blick has impeccable style and is probably owns the closet I envy the most. Check out the ladies of I'm Next for some more Swedish style.

i hate blonde.png

Rachel Lynch of I Hate Blonde has really fun, cool style which is probably the wildest out the bunch. I love how her posts are more editorials than just "here is what I'm wearing". She looks like a lot of fun and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Last we have Jag Lever. The only way I can describe her style is like eternal springtime. Her style is very girly, which I am not, but I love the looks that she puts together.