Link Roundup // I Am The Everyday Girl (dot com) Relaunch!

I Am The Everyday Girl just relaunched their cute website to something even more adorable and fun! Jen and Jane of Everyday Girl started a movement for girls to love themselves and be creative and awesome individuals. They are super nice and fun and I love the dynamic between Jen and Jane. You can tell that they're not just friends but family. They work so well together and love being around each other and that makes me enjoy being around them. They're great people and I love that their website is even bigger and better.

One new feature of their website is a styling section and they asked my buddies over at Concrete Predator for their input. The first article is their take on styling the little black dress. Jasmine and Ana have different styles so it's cool to see two completely different takes on how to wear the little black dress.

I am very honored to say that they wanted me to be a part of their relaunch. They interviewed me and Jen photographed me while I photographed Jane. I was soooo nervous, especially nervous about getting my photo taken, but I had a lot of fun and the article came out so cute. I am really happy to be a part of their website.

Hopefully you all go over to I Am The Everyday Girl right now and add it to your daily blog reads. But first check out the video I made for the ladies for The Trunk Show.