Link Roundup // January 10th, 2012

// Brad Walsh, designer Christian Siriano's boyfriend, writes on the how certain members of the press cannot get past his reality TV show beginnings and accept his accomplishments of today.

// 10 Things I No Longer Need for Freelance Success - I am currently typing this post from my favorite cafe where I come weekly to get work done. I even just met with a bride and signed contracts for me to photograph her wedding. An office and traditional means of advertisement and more are things I just don't need to be successful.

// I am not a fan of the government meddling in people's personal affairs but I have to say I am glad when they step in when it comes to the names people give their children. I feel so bad for these kids with these ridiculous names.

// I'm obsessed with the Shit... Says videos on YouTube. I think they are hilarious. Here is a playlist of some of my favorites.

// Also here is a collective list of "Shit ____ Say" videos that need to be made.

// I am way, way too obsessed with this video.