Link Roundup // January 24th, 2012

StyleWeek Providence's Autumn/Winter 2013 is full swing. Here is my photo on the cover of Maria del Carmen Mercado's catalog for her show last night.

// A group of artists and photographers speak on how they stay creative.

// DC Comics changed their logo. I like the new look but it doesn't look like it belongs on a comic book cover. It doesn't add any excitement to the reading experience.

// Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits talks about the habits that crush us and what we can do to cope in a better fashion.

// For all the web designers, here is a list of 25 most popular Mac OS X apps for web designers.

// One man's tale of how the funding of a Kickstarter project definitely did not go as expected.

// Watch a side by side comparison of the new Nikon D4 and the Canon 1DX. Which do you think is better? I am leaning toward the Nikon D4.

// I still can't get over the "Shit ____ Say" videos. These two videos from The Platform of Shit Fashion Girls Say pretty much describes myself and all of my friends.