Link Roundup // July 19th, 2011

Photo by Angel Perez // Makeup by Lauren O'Jea // Wardrobe by Lost Boutique // Retouched by me

Thought Catalog is my favorite website. Some of my recent favorite articles are The Un-Democracy Of Fashion Blogging // A Surreal End To A Five-Year Marriage In A Fast Food Restaurant // The Different Kinds Of Hipsters There Are (I'm a hybrid gay slash fashion hipster according to music taste) // Things I Will Never Do Again // 5 Activities To Do On Ambien That Don’t Involve Sleeping


Everything about makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel is perfection. I could watch her videos over and over. Her acne covering makeup tutorial is mind blowing.


Random beverages I've come across in the past few days - Did you know Jolly Rancher soda exists? I don't drink soda so I never have to go down that aisle so this may be common knowledge. // Like I said I don't drink soda but I might be tempted to try Red Bull Cola. // My friend Chantel showed me 20 Alcoholic Beverages Inspired By The Harry Potter Series. The one I want to try the most is the Avada Kedavra shot:

1 part Goldschläger
1 part Schnapps, sour apple pucker
1 part tequila, gold
1 part whiskey, scotch
1 splash lemon juice
2 dashes Tabasco sauce  

'Mix all ingredients. Serve in a shot glass.'

Speaking of Harry Potter, my favorite internet foodies Working Class Foodies posted their recipe for Butterbeer.


Discount shopping! Who doesn't love it? If you're looking for discount designer and brand name clothing, accessories, makeup, furniture, and more, check out these links. HauteLook (clothing, accessories, makeup, vacations) // Rue La La (clothing, accessories, vacations) // Lot18 (wine!) // JackThreads (mens clothing and accessories) // Glit (luxury designer brands) // Fab (home decor and more) // Shop Like Kings (mens clothing and accessories) // Swipley (cash back at local restaurants and stores) // Ebates (cash back at hundreds of stores online)


These Harry Potter baby dolls are pretty creepy but I wouldn't mind having the Snape one. It's the closest thing I'll get to having his kid. Did I say that publicly? ::slowly backs away and hides::