Link Roundup // Local Girls

I haven't done a Link Roundup in so long! I'll spare the excuses so let's just get into it. I wanted to feature local fashion bloggers. There are not many here in Providence, which is a shame. There are a few lovely ladies though, gracing the area with their blogging skills.

I Am The Everyday Girl (dot com) are two girls who run a vintage store called blouse. I won't go too much into detail since we just did a video on them for The Trunk Show (which I highly suggest you watch). Jen and Jane are awesome girls who want every girl to who comes across their blog to see the beauty and value within themselves.

Gypsy is a "roaming resale boutique" run by three women who blog about what on trend and how you can style your vintage finds.

The Pink Cigarette is run by the Director of Designer Management and Acquisition, Jennifer Showstead. Her blog posts features outfit of the days, spotlights on fashion people in the area, and what inspires her.

Taina Style is run by fashion stylist Glenda Delgado. She posts her latest photo shoots, her thoughts on the styling in some of her favorite photo spreads, and different trends that she's feeling at the moment.

I'm always on the hunt for new local fashion blogs to follow so please link some that you follow and be on the lookout for part two of this post!