Link Roundup // March 6th, 2012

Photo by Angie PastoSo that cat above is Mona, short for Desdemona. She belongs to my friend Angie (or Angie belongs to her, they have a special relationship). I miss Angie and Mona so much. They live in Columbus, Ohio and I haven't seen them in over two years. Hopefully some traveling happens this year and we can see each other again. Plus she is an amazing illustrator! I have one of her drawings up in my bedroom and I love it.

// I agree with everything in this article (Angie probably would as well). We adore Anthony Bourdain. I Want To Kill Anthony Bourdain And Steal His Life

// Kat over at Rock N' Roll Bride interviewed the dynamic photographer, Lara Jade.

// Poor Studio Lighting Choice Can Destroy a Person’s Image

// 10 fashion moments at London Fashion Week AW 2012.

// Even though she may have come home to Williamsburg apartment flooded, I would love to live Nicolette Mason's life.

// I love these wedding bands engraved with your own fingerprints!

// For people starting out in photography or just want to take better outfit photos, A Beautiful Mess gives you five tips to take better outfit photos.

// I love this Moon River manicure Keiko Lynn gave herself.

// I adore Ilona Royce Smithkin.

// How I Stay Productive and Get Massive Amounts of Shit Done

// I've been considering deleting my Pinterest account. I signed up for the beta months ago and had my account for awhile now. It's blown up since but I rarely use my account. I then read about how users are pretty much screwed if they're sued for what they upload. Long story short, I think I may follow after this woman and delete my account.

// Behind the Scenes at a Matalan Catwalk Shoot