Link Roundup // May 1st, 2012

Photo by Andre Giesemann and Daniel Schulz

I haven't done a Link Roundup in awhile! I'm sick in bed so I've had time to go through my Pocket and share some of my favorite links that I've been hoarding over the past few weeks.

// Ever wonder what a night club looks like after everyone has left?

// Looking for a new DIY project? A Beautiful Mess has a ton of tutorials to get you making something cute and fun in no time!

// Hooters is the new work lounge?

// Also from A Beautiful Mess, here is a camera bag roundup for ladies who want something a little more stylish to carry their gear in.

// The 99% on the five types of work that fills your workday.

// What The Hunger Games Teaches Us About Love - very funny (and heavily sarcastic) article.

// 50 Things Every Creative Should Know

// A lesson from Sir Richard Branson - Why geeks need to learn how to delagate.

// Is it possible to live life with no goals?

// Here are some photos Stanley Kubrick took in the 1940s when he was a photojournalist for Look Magazine.

// The Dirty Little Secret Of Overnight Successes

// I'm kind of obsessed with these nail designs.

// Behind the scenes photos at Hermès Atelier Sacs in Paris.

// Here is an interview with associate publisher Wes of powerHouse on how he got started and his love of books as well as his thoughts on the future of books.

// Also from Garance Dore, here is an interview with Caroline, the publisher and fashion director at Tank magazine.

// Combining The Microsoft Kinect And Infrared Photography To Produce Stunning Results from FStoppers.

// A new UK study shows that women hit their peak at age 35.

// This is the cutest lookbook ever.

// Three safe bets on handling criticism.

// It's no secret that I love my iPhone and love trying out new camera apps. Here are 10 iPhone photo challenges you can give yourself.

// This text only Instagram twitter account is pretty hilarious.

// 7 Things I Do To Prepare for a Long Day of Photography