Link Roundup // May 8th, 2012

Photo by Ilse Bing
// Famous photographers mirror portraits. Not your typical Myspace shots.
// I definitely agree that street style photography, especially during fashion weeks, aren't representative of what people really where. Also, I love this blogger/ jewelry designer's outfit.
// Such a great way to bring the company's history to the public - Balmain's Facebook Page Goes All The Way Back To 1945.
// Finally, The Truth About Internships from Providence Daily Dose.
// These invisible shoes are crazy! Brings a whole new meaning to clear heels.
// Kate Moss has landed her 32nd British Vogue cover. I wonder how many she has total internationally.
// Uh oh, clients need to start paying up. Creatives are adding their unpaid invoices to the World's Largest Invoice.
// I am obsessed with hour plus long neo soul mix.
// I love these Pantone chip nails!
// I can't wait to try to make these sauces for ice cream and these different dips for chips!
// I am so excited a music video was made for this song!