Office Space

I love looking at photos of people's workspaces and computer set ups. I am in quite a few groups on Flickr dedicated to showing off desks and workspaces. It inspires me to think up with my dream workspace would be like.

Right now I'm at the office where I edit travel videos. I'm always cleaning and organizing the space because it gets cluttered really fast. I just cleaned up so I wanted to make a quick post of my workspace at the office. All photos were taken with the ShakeItPhoto iPhone app.


My work computer is a Mac Mini (I believe it's the first generation with 512 MB - video editing is painful on this machine) with a 21 inch monitor and I edit on Final Cut Pro 5. That's my new MacBook Pro in the foreground.


Lacie external hard drive with Panasonic MiniDV camcorder.

Microphone and random DVCAM tape. I have no idea what's on that tape.

Container with a bunch of MiniDV tapes from various trips to Italy (I've never been to Italy, the people I work for have).

My Instagram screensaver, Screenstagram, on my MacBook Pro.

And last but not least, every office needs a nice view.