Photo Story // Adriana and Brendan

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting Adriana Rossi and Brendan Oh. I feel like we've been planning the shoot for awhile so I was excited when that day finally arrived. Originally I wanted to shoot on location but of course it had to rain so my friend Bob Karambelas came to the rescue and we used his studio.

This was my first time working with Adriana. I was so excited that she was interested in working with me because I loved her other work and thought she was a great new model. She definitely did not disappoint and even doubled up as makeup artist for the shoot.

This was my second time working with Brendan. I'm sure he was glad to shoot inside. Our last shoot was outside in the cold and he could barely move because we didn't want the body paint to start to crack.

When we first walked up the stairs to the studio, we noticed a room with the door opened. I've never seen this door open so naturally we all looked in and we saw stacks and stacks of old laptops. Of course we had to shoot in there. I think the shot of Adriana and Brendan lying amongst the laptops has to be one of my favorite shots I've done.

We had tons of fun on this shoot. We decided to do this fun little set up between outfit changes. We pretended that Adriana and Brendan had a little fun the night before and Adriana got a little too comfortable and put on Brendan's work shirt. Brendan wasn't too pleased about that.

I loved working with these two and hopefully we can shoot together again soon.

Adriana Rossi // Model Mayhem

Brendan Oh // Model Mayhem

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