Photo Story // Alexandria Serafini

Last month I shot the absolutely gorgeous Alexandria Serafini (Maggie INC). She is this six foot tall 17 year old fantastic girl who is smart and funny and I pretty much fell in love with her. I adore this girl so much. She and her mother, "Mamafini", came to Providence to work with my beauty squad of makeup artist Lauren O'Jea, hair stylist Jeannine "J9" Calia, and wardrobe stylist Jasmine Souza working with the clothing of Joseph Aaron Segal. We had so much fun getting ready for this shoot. Lauren, Jeannine, and the new addition of Jasmine are so amazing to work with and I always produce my best work with them. We shot at The Steel Yard in Providence, RI, this amazing educational and studio space.

I first saw Alexandria at January 2012's Style Week. She wore the finale dress for Jonathan Joseph Peters. She looked absolutely amazing and when I found out she was 16 (she turned 17 a week after our photo shoot), I was stunned. I was so happy that she wanted to do this photo shoot with me. I love how one second she can be giving me the sickest pose I've ever seen and then be giggling and calling something "cray". I forget that she is just a teenager but I can tell that she will have a successful career ahead of her.

Can we talk about the beauty team for a second? I wanted natural disaster. Jeannine made a hair tornado. If you forgot Jeannine was on Hair Battle Spectacular 2 for fantasy hair styles. I love it when she makes hair pieces for my shoots. It definitely took this shoot to the next level. I asked Lauren simple yet sculptural makeup. I love the eyebrows she made for this shoot. She made them on the spot and it was definitely the look I was going for. Jasmine came on as stylist at last minute. She made one quick text message to Joe Segal and we picked up the clothing later that day. This was her first time styling but she did such an amazing job with Joe's clothing and pieces she owned that I definitely want her to style more of my shoots. She knows what I want without me even having to say it. It does helps that she's my best friend and knows pretty much everything I like (and everything I hate). I need to thank Nicolas Bauta and the people of Steel Yard for letting us shoot there. Nic was a fan of the shoot from the second I told him about it and I appreciate him so much for his help.

This is probably my favorite shoot so far since I've been shooting. I love how we all came together for this shoot and I'm so proud of the job everyone did. I love that get to work with these insanely talented people.