Photo Story // Andrea

I started July on a high note with shoot with model Andrea, hair stylist Jeannine, and makeup artist Elizabeth. We met Andrea through our friend Stefan who I spotlighted last year. The shoot was really fun and relaxed. We were going for a natural beauty look. Really simple yet gorgeous.

I met Elizabeth on Model Mayhem. Immediately I knew I wanted to work with her. I always enjoy working with new makeup artists and hair stylists. I ran into Jeannine at The Whiskey Republic for an event they were having and we got to talking. We were always running into each other but never had a chance to sit down and just talk. She said she was interested in working with me and as we were talking Andrea showed up so I thought that was perfect timing. Through a few Facebook messages we planned out the shoot and were ready to go that next Friday.

Elizabeth and Jeannine did an amazing job on hair and makeup. It's beautiful in it's simplicity. I didn't want to go overboard with the editing because it would take away from the photos (and then I think they would start looking like the pics floating around Tumblr). I really love how they came out. The shoot was so much fun and they were an amazing team to work with.

Since I now have video editing software and a computer that won't crash every time I open up Final Cut, I'm made a behind the scenes video. Expect a ton more of these videos from my upcoming shoots.

Elizabeth // Website // Facebook // Model Mayhem

Jeannine // Model Mayhem