Photo Story // Bombshell Clothing Part Deux

I went to New York a few weeks ago to shoot for Bombshell Clothing for the second time. The first time designer Keriann Correia came to me so I decided to go to her this time around.

We shot in Keriann's apartment, which was so adorable. It completely fits her personality. She had a dog, a cat, and a rabbit in her place so we had to use them in the shoot. It was first time having animals involved in a shoot beside having my hair stylist Erinn's cat wander in my shot when I was shooting in her apartment.

I was supposed to shoot two models but we had a bit of bad timing and scheduled the shoot on the same day as the New York City Marathon. Shawn and I had trouble taking the subway to Kerrian's place but the other model was driving from Brooklyn to Queens and pretty much didn't have any way of getting to the location without it taking hours. It was alright though because model/ pastry chef/ wedding dress designer Ashton did a great job.

The shoot was so much fun and I had a blast working with Keriann again. She really enjoys designing clothing and being involved with everything that goes into photo shoots. I can't wait to work with her again!

Bombshell // website | facebook | model mayhem

Ashton // website | model mayhem

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