Photo Story // Giuseppina Magazine Issue #5

I'm so glad I can finally show off the photos from my very first shoot of the year with everyone! The shoot was for the black history portion of the first double sided issue of Giuseppina Magazine. Giuseppina was the first magazine to publish my photos so I was thrilled that the editor, Jessica Rowell, decided to have me be included in this issue.

We had a very big team. Designer Ichigo Black from Boston sent clothing for us to use. I had my beauty team back together again for the first time since last summer, Lauren O'Jea on makeup and Erinn FitzGerald on hair. Bob Karambelas was kind enough to let us all take over his studio for a day and to help with the lighting. It was quite the day trying to figure out how we wanted the lighting. Once we figured it out everything to came together and I'm really happy with how the photos came out.

Last week Jessica the editor sent me a message and asked me to fill out a questionairre for the magazine. I thought it was just a few simple questions but I was surprised and excited to see it was a full interview! I've never been interviewed before so it was really exciting for me. Having my photo in a magazine is still tripping me out.

Finally I can post the photos from the shoot including one that didn't make it in the magazine. Definitely pick up a copy of the magazine. One side is dedicated to black artists in the alternative fashion industry and the other side is dedcated to Valentine's Day. You can buy a copy here and you get a free digital copy with your purchase.

Check out everyone involved:

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