Photo Story // I'm Your Present

Last week I had a photo shoot with Providence, Rhode Island designer Kelly Eident of I'm Your Present. Lauren O'Jea did makeup and Jeannine Calia made three awesome party hats out of hair. Jeannine and Lauren are the best in the area at hair and makeup so of course it was a no brainer for them to be a part of this shoot. My models were Cory (who I've shot with before), Jessica, and Lorren. My vision for the shoot was to have these three girls dressed like candy kids going to a party running around Fall River causing havoc. Clearly they would be standing out if you are familiar with this town. It's a pretty drab looking place. Admittedly I was a little nervous that everything wouldn't come together in the end but once we wrapped the shoot I was so happy with how everything turned out.

A big thanks to Cory for thinking that I'm Your Present, Lauren, and I should do a shoot together and for introducing me to Lorren and Jessica. We all made a really great team. Another huge thanks goes to all the stores and people in Fall River that let us run in, take photos, and leave. I'm sure we left some people confused but some people were so helpful and even joined us in photos. Alvaro from Alvaro's Barbershop let us shoot all over his salon and TJ from TJ's Music even sat in with a guitar for a photo. With everyone's help it was a really successful shoot.

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