Photo Story // Lady Drea

My friend Lauren and I planned to a do a Lady Gaga inspired shoot. We didn't want to do an exact replica of a Lady Gaga look but we just wanted to pay homage to her. I asked our friend Jeannine, fantastic hair stylist and contestant on Hair Battle Extravaganza 2 on Oxygen, to join us on this project. Jeannine made this fantastic head piece that definitely went above and beyond what I was expecting. Lauren did an awesome job on makeup within the time constraints we had. Apparently everyone in Southern New England had to go buy makeup at her MAC counter right when she was doing makeup. And last but certainly not least, a big thank you to Drea for filling in as our model at the last minute. She did a fantastic job channeling her inner Lady Gaga.

Lauren O'Jea // Model Mayhem // Facebook

Jeannine // Model Mayhem // Facebook

Drea // Model Mayhem

PS - Did anyone figure out that this is same model as one of my past shoots?