Photo Story // Mallory Musante Shoes

Last week I shot for New England based custom shoe designer, Mallory Musante. She sells hand painted shoes and recently, accessories. The lovely ladies of Gloss & Glamour, Kristen and Anna, were on makeup and hair duty respectively. Our beautiful models for the day were Stacie and Tori. Mallory wanted to have the girls look really trendy and cool in an unconventional place so I took that find a place that we would probably have to sneak into or potentially get kicked out of, which I'm totally down for. There was a spot but not far from my house that was perfect.

I loved the color of the garage door. I brought out the blue a bit more in Photoshop. Since my first photo shoot this year I've been really liking have deep, vibrant colors in my photos. I experimented with cooler tones in my last photo shoot but ended up warming everything up. I feel like my photos look better and much more inviting when warmer and bright colored.

I had fun on this shoot. We had a large team there with Mallory and her two interns, Kristen and Anna from the salon, Shawn acting as my assistant, and my two models. It was pretty cold but we toughed it out and I really like how the photos turned out. Usually the shoes are the last thing I think of when shooting but they had to be the focus on this shoot. Now I'll be paying attention to the shoes while I shoot from now on.