Photo Story // Vintage Jeannine

Last week I has the pleasure of working with Jeannine Calia and Paul Pereira of La La Luxe Salon in Providence. They are both fantastic hair stylists but for this shoot Jeannine was in front of the camera. Paul wanted to turn Jeannine into two different classic movie stars with our inspiration being Marlene Dietrich and Hedy Lamarr. This concept was Paul's idea and I couldn't imagine anyone but Paul pulling it off. The second I walked into his home I knew this shoot would be special. His house is beautifully designed, which he has all done himself. His wardrobe is extensive. Plus he made the wigs for this shoot. We did the entire prep and shoot at his house and after a few hours, we were all done. I love how the photos came out. I think we really captured the essence of a classic movie star.