Pinboard // New Bedroom - Time To Decorate

So by the time this post goes up, I should have moved into a new apartment. I am most likely lying in a pile of my belongings crying. There really isn't any time to unpack and settle. At the end of the week I am off to New York for shoots, the launch of the NYC Lady Project, and Shira's birthday party that Rachel and I are throwing. I am currently writing this on a Friday night, listening to Luther Vandross, and trying to not freak out over how much I have to do.

Anywhoo, I'm excited to decorate my new bedroom. I have no closets though and a friend is giving me her garment racks. I'm also going to Ikea and buying my dream bed so I'm all kinds of pumped about that. In the meantime I have to get through the weekend of shooting all day in Boston for Refinery29 (more on that later) and then a photo shoot Sunday morning and then moving. Let's see if I survived. Check back to see how I made out.