ReelDirector | iPhone video app review

I recently purchased the ReelDirector app after seeing the price dropped 50% from $7.99  to $3.99. I was hesitant to buy the app at its original price because I wasn't sure if it sucked or not and if I would ever use it. After using it once I can definitely say it's a good app to invest in if you are a vlogger and need to edit videos on the go. So on to the review...

First off you go to the "New Project" screen where you can input your opening and closing titles and credits, as well as choose transitions and the quality. I would recommend to keep the titles short because if it's too long it will get cut off.

Once you click the done button you move on the "Projects" panel. Here you see the movies you are working on. Click on the project you want and you will see information about your movie like the length and the last time it was modified. The "Produced" line is empty in this photo because that information only shows up when the video has been finished and exported.

When you click "done", you will be taken to the "Edit Clips" panel. Click on the green "add" button and select movie clips already recorded with your camera. Keep adding all the clips you want in your finished movie. You can also add in different transitions in between each clip.

This is where the app gets a little confusing for me. I find it easier to trim clips right in the Photos app then trimming in ReelDirector. It's hard to move the in and out points to exactly where you want to make your cut.

Also when using the "Volume & Fade" editor, I tried changing the volume but I found that it did nothing.

You can also add photos and music to your videos. Photos are simple to add into the video and is easy to pan and zoom the photo.

Music on the other hand is a process to add. You actually need to be near a computer to add music. You first have to go back to the "Projects" screen and click on the musical note at the bottom of the screen that says "Music". Click on the plus sign up top and you will see this screen. You have to type into your browser on your computer the web address they give you (I do not know if it gives everyone a different web address to go to).

Once you do that you will see be asked to choose the song(s) you want to import into ReelDirector.

Choose the song you want. And then upload. Once it is imported the song can be added to your movie.

Once you are done editing your video, "click" on the done button. You'll see six items you can select at the bottom of the screen. When you are completely done with your video, click on "Render". This process can take awhile if your video is long but it shouldn't take longer than a couple of minutes.

Once it's rendered it is able to be played so you can watch your video, but it's still not saved. Click on the "Save" button to save it to your photo album.

Final thoughts: I think ReelDirector is a solid video editing app for the iPhone. I think it's definitely worth the $7.99 price tag but I would jump at it being on sale $3.99. Another great thing about the app is that if you have any questions you can click on the little info icon on the top of the "Projects" panel and it will give you instructions on how to do anything with the app. So like I said before if you are a vlogger and want to upload edited videos to your YouTube page straight from your iPhone, this is a must have app.

And now you can watch the final video I made with my iPhone. I know, it's Oscar worthy.