Roots of Creation and The Indobox

On Saturday the 12th of this month I went to The Spot Underground to see Roots of Creation and The Indobox. On their Facebook fan page, Roots of Creation call themselves a "The Reggae/RoC Dubtronica Hybrid". Quite honestly I am not a fan of reggae but I did enjoy their show. The mix of Electronica made it much more enjoyable. I played around with my flash remotely to play around with the light against the light from their show.

Next up was The Indobox which is a dance rock band. I really liked them since they reminded me of bands like Phoenix (which they covered) and Passion Pit. I really enjoy shooting bands with elaborate light shows. It makes it so much more fun.

Check out the rest of the photos from that night on Flickr and add Roots of Creation and The Indobox on Facebook.