Spotlight: Stefan Di Pippo

Stefan Di Pippo is a stand up comedian based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Even though he's only been doing stand up for a little over a year, he has a growing fan base and he regularly performs at the Comedy Connection in East Providence.

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Tell me about yourself.

I’m from Providence. I’ve lived here my whole life. I work in restaurants, which is always a drag, but I do stand up comedy. I get to tell ridiculous stories about my life and people laugh at them. I also volunteer in schools and teach kids how to read.

Click on photo to see largerWhen did you start doing stand up?

It was the beginning of last year. It was actually a Craigslist ad for an online sketch comedy show. I responded to it, met with the guy, and he thought my ideas would work well with his. We brainstormed but nothing panned out but then I had all these ideas and I heard there was a contest at Twin River Casino. I tried it once and I bombed. I was terrified. It sucked so much but when nobody laughed I didn’t care. I just kept talking and got people to laugh. I’ve been doing it since and I’m getting more comfortable. Now I just go up on stage and shoot the shit. If the people don’t laugh, move on. It’s not a big deal. Just have fun doing it.

Click on photo to see largeThe premises are all based on reality but a joke has to be exaggerated. Of course there are parts when I just make up stuff to get the shock factor or get the point across. My mother doesn’t come see me anymore. She used to. She’s says I’m too gross.

Is your family supportive?

They see I get the people to laugh and I’m good at it so they’re supportive. My dad was an entertainer. He’s a musician. My mom was a photographer. We’re all entertainers. My uncle Tommy said, “We’re all clowns in this family. It’s nice to see that somebody has the balls to go up on stage and entertain people”.

Click on photo to see largerWere you the quiet kid or the funny kid?

I was so shy. I was wicked shy until three or four years ago. I kept to myself. If you watch me now I’m this loud, gross, shit talking dude. I had fun with my friends but I would have never gotten in front a group of people and started saying stuff like that.

Who are some comedians you look up to?

Dave Chappelle, Lewis Black, Louis CK, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, and definitely a lot of my family influenced me.

Click on photo to see largerTell more about your volunteering in schools.

I was going to go into teaching elementary school. The school where I volunteer, it was fifth grade and there was literally not a white person in school. This part of the school the kids didn’t speak English. The first day I go in, the teacher pulls me aside and goes, “There is this one kid and he’s the biggest troublemaker. He’s always starting problems with the kids. He never does his work.” The more I got to work with the kid the more I saw he was just a good kid. He was one of the more well rounded kids in the classroom as far as reading and math. It was just his father was in jail. His mom would go to bars and come home drunk. His brothers are in and out of jail. You know how kids come to school with snacks and cookies and stuff? He comes in with a half pack of Saltines. I think his life must be shit. How do you expect him to come to school and listen to some unqualified b*tch nagging at him to do his work when he’s ten and he has the world on his shoulders? The teacher will yet at him to get his work done and when she walks away I’ll tell him to not worry about it. I talk to him about sports. I joke around with him. Show the kids some positivity and they’ll go in the right direction.

The kids love me. They look forward to me coming there. Two people volunteer in that fifth grade class and they like me way better. One kid who always busts my balls, he said “[the other volunteer] is better than you”. I said, “I don’t care. I’m not competing against him to be the better helper”. Later on they made us cards in mine that kid wrote that I was the best helper in the class.

Click on photo to see largerStefan is really a funny and awesome guy so I definitely recommend checking him out at the Comedy Connection or wherever he is performing. Add him on Facebook to keep up to date with his shows. And also ladies, Stefan is single. Who doesn't want a guy who will make you laugh, loves kids, and will also cook you dinner? So be sure to ask him out on a date.

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