stripped // my new video project

The reception to my new video series "stripped" has been awesome so far! I didn't think it would catch on so quickly. I uploaded my first video of Rudacious three days ago and today I am uploading my third video in the series with Jon Hope. After seeing a video of an up and coming rapper (of course now I can't remember who it is) performing at Google's offices, it sparked an interest in me. All he was doing was performing during at an office meeting for about 30 people but something about it entertained me more than say watching one of his music videos. I wanted to take that element of it and strip it down even more so the audience was removed from the equation. I just want it to be the artist and the camera.

So please watch my first two videos of Rudacious and Muffin and click thumbs up if you like it. Here's a fun fact for only those reading: Muffin found Rudy and I when we were filming. She had no idea we would be there and if you look carefully you can see Muffin creeping in the background of Rudy's video.