Style Report: Color Blocking

My favorite trend for Spring 2011 is color blocking, which if you know my personal style, this might come as a surprise. 90% of what I wear on a daily basis is black or dark gray. The most color you see on me is a pair of blue Levi jeans. I bought a bright pink dress last month and when I wore it out I think I gave a few people heart attacks. I think this trend is a great way of experimenting with color and to see what color works best for you. My favorite color is pink (I know, another surprise right?) and I know I look best in green eye makeup. Why not make an outfit in bright pinks and greens (that might look a little too Lily Pulitzer so tread lightly).

Pick out your favorite colors and go crazy with color blocking!I like how Gucci started off their Spring/ Summer 2011 collection with two, three or more bright colors thrown together.

Gucci S/S 2011, via Style.comGucci S/S 2011, via Style.comGucci S/S 2011, via Style.comIf this might be too much for you, try easing into color blocking. Take a cue from Dior's Spring collection and pick one bright color, like a bright purple dress and pair it with yellow heels or an orange statement necklace.

Dior S/S 2011, via Style.comDior S/S 2011, via Style.comDior S/S 2011, via Style.comThe main point of this trend is break out the Winter doldrums and enjoy Spring! I'm planning on throwing more color in my wardrobe and I recommend you do too! Check out Erin Dudley, San Fransico makeup artist's blog post about color blocking with makeup!

SIDE NOTE: I'm thinking about doing more posts like this on my blog. Just to keep it more active and to talk about the other design stuff I love like fashion, makeup, and graphic design.