The Bull and the Butterfly

It's weird when New Year's Day is on a Saturday. All the partying happened the night before on Friday. There were probably two trains of thought for New Year's Day. First was to stay home and recover from the night before and second was enjoy the long weekend of partying. I already knew where I would be spending my Saturday night because my friend Sully of Sully's Cafe asked me to swing by and check out his friend Ricky Valente's new band The Bull and the Butterfly. I didn't get to stay for the whole show but I left the show a fan. I love Ricky's voice and the band sounded amazing.

Before I left the house I was going to grab some batteries for my flash. I suppose something shiny caught my attention because I left the house without batteries and didn't realize until I was in front of the band shooting. I decided to go without using the on camera flash and just ramp up the ISO to 1600. I think the photos came out well. Thank goodness for Noise Ninja. I can't live without it.

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