The Roundup // 04.28.15 - YouTube Edition

If you know me, you know I much rather watch YouTube than television. I like the connection you can get by watching real people live their lives rather than scripted shows or reality tv which is far from real. Here are my go tos to watch if you're starting off on YouTube.

YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO VLOGBROTHERS FIRST - I feel like YouTube is what it is because of John and Hank Green. Two brothers who one year decided to only communicate through YouTube videos. They built such an amazing community called Nerdfighters and they have missions to "decrease world suck" and created Vidcon, the mecca of YouTubers all over the world. Also John Green wrote The Fault In Our Stars so he's probably made you cry (unless you're Angie, she didn't cry).

NEWS // Philip Defranco & Sourcefed - Philly D is my YouTube hero. He's gone from making videos in his dorm room to starting a production company which was bought out by Discovery Networks. Yes, that Discovery. He started Sourcefed, a comedy news channel, which I was every day.

BEAUTY, FASHION & LIFESTYLE // Claire Marshall and Shameless Maya - Claire Marshall is a makeup artist turned YouTuber. She takes her videos to the next level with her amazing editing skills. Her What's In My Bag video blew all others out of the water. Maya Washington aka Shameless Maya started her YT journey after her divorce when she wanted to break out of her shell. She took us all on her journey from moving from Harlem to LA and teaches her views how to love themselves and to "do you, be you, stay true #beshameless".

VLOGGERS // Casey Neistat & Hannah Maggs - Casey Neistat has been a filmmaker for years so it may not be fair to include him out of the thousands of vloggers on YT but I have been obsessed with his daily vlogs. I love that even though he is in my opinion highly successful but he is so relatable. Hannah Maggs does weekly vlog videos of her family with husband Stefan and baby Grayson. I don't watch many family vloggers but their videos are so gorgeous they are must sees. They have better production quality than most shows I've seen.

MUSIC // Meghan Tonjes & Daniela Andrade - Meghan Tonjes is a name you probably have heard before but probably for her butt and not her music. She took on Instagram after they took down her photo of her bum fully covered in underwear. It started the discussion of Instagram's practices of deleting images of women (and some men) in minimal clothing when they are plus size. Nevertheless, she is an amazing self-taught musician. Daniela Andrade has the voice of an angel. I'm in awe of her music.

COMEDY // Mamrie Hart & Kingsely - Mamrie Hart wants you to get drunk with her. In her show, You Deserve A Drink, Mamrie makes a cocktail based on a topic in pop culture and you then make it, rewatch, and drink every time she makes a terrible pun. She is one of the funniest women I've seen period. Kingsley tells it like it is and never, ever holds back. I love that he recently reviewed his first viral video, the one that got me watching him five years ago. Also, they are both very NSFW.

ADVICE // She Takes On The World & Alex Beadon - Natalie MacNeil of She Takes On The World gives practical advice for women in their business and their lives. Alex Beadon is a photographer turned purveyor of advice for creative business owners. Both of these ladies believe that it is possible to live the life you want and have a business of your own.

This is probably one of the hardest posts to put together because I love YouTube so much. I am subscribed to over 250 channels so picking just a handful to share was damn near impossible. Once you dive into YouTube you will find a ton of people you relate to and your subscription box will be full in no time. Please leave your favorite YouTubers down in the comments below!