The Roundup // 07.05.16

// Learn How to Make Better Headshots by Watching the News by FStoppers. Makes perfect sense too!

// I Was on That Fateful Flight With Prince: A Protégée Tells Her Story. I feel for Judith Hill. She worked with Michael Jackson on his tour right before his death and she was there on the plane ride days before Prince died. 

// Akilah Hughes is on a mission to stop Buzzfeed Video from stealing content creators' work. She noticed that a recent Buzzfeed Video about introverts was extremely similar to her older video about introverts according to Tumblr. She took to her Twitter and now the campaign #StopBuzzThieves is in full effect.

// The myth of millennial entitlement was created to hide their parents’ mistakes. This is an interesting take on why the older generation seems to dislike millennials so much.

// This Subreddit of misleading thumbnails is pretty hilarious. I feel like this one is pretty safe for work.

// Have you ever wanted to know what gear the President's official photographer uses?

// I always felt weird (and still do) when people ask me how come I haven't travelled out of the country. Some people can't afford stuff like that. I really appreciated this article when I came across it, Your Obsession With Travel Sure Feels Classist To Me.

// No excuses up and coming photographers! Don't blame your budget gear for your crappy photos. I can get behind this because for the majority of my career, I used a mid range Sony DSLR and people thought my set up was way higher end than it was. Do the best with what you have!

// I'm obsessed with Lil Dicky. Watch his music video called $ave Dat Money and then watch the documentary on how he made it for no money.